Available Cincinnati Milling machines
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    As specialists in reconditioned and retrofitted Cincinnati production milling machines we have amassed a huge array of repair parts. Most parts for models #0-8, 0-12, 1-18, 100 Series Powermatics and 200 Series HyPowermatics are in stock. Parts for larger HyPowermatics, Vercipowers and knee mills are also available. From speed and feed change gears to arbor supports to pulleys and internal shafts, check with us before buying new. Many parts are new, some used, but all come with a money back guarantee.

    Cycle Selector Cam

    Cycle Selector Cam

    Cycle Selector Cams for 0-8, 0-12, 2-24, and 100 Series machines. Most popular cycles are in stock and we can duplicate existing cams. Trade-ins are welcome.






    Bronze Arbor Support Bushing

    NEW Bronze arbor support bushings, made of 660 bronze these top quality bushings come complete with steel adjusting nut.
    For #40 Taper machines:
    For #50 Taper machines:
    We can also source roller bearing type bushings at competitive prices.




    Arbor Support

    We stock hundreds of arbor supports for most Cincinnati machines, especially HyPowermatics and 0-8’s. Call us with your requirements.





    Internal gears, splines, shafts.  Hydraulic pumps, clutches.

    The factory probably doesn’t have them but WE DO !




    Speed and Feed change gears for all models, all ages.






    Service Manuals

    Service Manuals


    Operator’s and Service Manuals for all models of Cincinnati mills.

    Books for other makes also available.